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Delicately constructed with an artisanal outlook, this Golden Brown Pencil Stripe Tie makes a fresh addition to your tailored wardrobe. Handcrafted with ebullient golden brown and navy hues, this necktie is as stylish as it is high quality. Every distinguished gentleman should own at least one classic striped necktie, and OTAA’s Golden Brown Pencil Stripe Tie is a faultless contender. Its ease of pairing with dress shirts and suits has made this design a timeless favourite over the years and a must-have staple for business attire. Sewn by hand and tailored with elegance, this necktie features horizontal stripes for a textured feature.

Elegantly constructed and tailored to perfection, OTAA’s Anemone Floral Pocket Square offers an artistic statement. According to Greek mythology, anemone flowers grew from Aphrodite’s tears. When Aphrodite mourned over the body of her deceased lover, Adonis; her teardrops formed into beautiful flowers. While she was crying, Adonis’ blood dripped onto the flowers; staining them red for eternity. Inspired by the enthralling mythology of the ancient Greeks, OTAA’s Anemone Floral Pocket Square showcases divine style.


The indulgent navy palette of this Handkerchief is met with green, yellow, orange and white highlights for an artistic appeal. Beautifully decorated with a floral design, the Anemona Floral Handkerchief offers makes an elegant asset to your evening looks. Stitched by hand and magnificently tailored from cotton, the sleek style of this handkerchief is met with superior quality.

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