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BFF's Forever

A Robe BFF is not a club member. Nor is this program a fraternity or underground society (though you will be required to learn a secret handshake). There are zero terms, conditions, catches and minimum spends to be our BFF. Why? Because we've simply had a good hard think about what matters most to us at Robe and the writing's already on the (fitting room) (!) wall. It's YOU! And we just wanna say thanks...

How do you know if you qualify as a BFF? Simple. Pledge your love and go get a tattoo, somewhere visible, of our logo. Easy right? Nah, you've earned it already friend, roll down that sleeve.

Best Friends is not a label, it's a promise, and as your BBF here's ours!


We will be there for you for all those special occasions.

We will not steal your celebrity crush... unless we saw them first.

We promise never to run out of M&M's, Skittles and fizz.

Chocolate never has any calories.

Neither does champagne.

You can always come to us for advice and we don't care if you're ugly or boring.

We will not let you go out looking anything less than stellar.

If we see you wearing a good outfit two days in a row, we don't count as someone you saw already.

We will never say I told you so, though we may encourage you to violate your morals and principles for personal development (and some light entertainment).

As your best friend we will NEVER allow you to get a short fringe (No! It does not make you look French, it makes you look like a psychotic toddler got too close with scissors).

We will always be honest in the fitting room.

As BFFs, we will tell the other when we are making an obvious tragic fashion choice. But, will know the line between terrible and creative.

You can shop in our closet, any day of the week.

We will agree that your feet are cute. Even though most feet gross us out.

We will only post good pictures of you on the internet. And will only tag the ones where you look pretty and mostly sober.

When you're visiting with the fam, we can call your parents ‘mum’ and ‘dad'.

If your father is a DILF, we have no right to point it out.

Our iPhone charger is your iPhone charger.

BFFs have running tabs, but no one ever really knows how much you actually owe one another. Whoever dies first leaves $50 in their Will to their BFF – surely this will cover any outstanding debt.

We won't date your ex.

We'll tell you if you've got lippy on your teeth, you've got eyeliner goobers and give you chewy if your breath stinks.

We will remember your birthday without the Facebook reminder. We will be enthusiastic ON your birthday, even if it’s four days before Christmas and no one cares.

Retail therapy is exactly that and as BFFs, we're privileged to be your personal shopper! Kind of like a bridesmaid but without the wedding bit.

A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Best Friends Forever. Thanks for the fun, the fashion faux pas, the hits and the misses! Please accept this Robe BFF as a celebration of our Robemance, a pledge, 17 years and counting! You're the best.


+15% OFF the purchase of all full priced stock *excludes Finer Rings, Maseur & Frankie Press goods

+Extended 8 week layby term

+Free lolly bag with each purchase 

+Complimentary denim hemming 

+Pre-Sale opportunity


ROBE 12 1/2 Chancery Lane BENDIGO VIC 3550 (03) 5444 4547 OPEN 7 days

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