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Robe Stimulus Package

We’ve designed a Robe Stimulus Package for our family and friends, our shoppers and the wider Robe community, to support you (and us) through the Coronavirus. This assistance includes-

  • +FREE #uberrobe
  • +FREE gift wrapping with token toy soldier
  • +FREE shmansy gift card writing
  • +FREE anniversary morning extra-early pressie delivery with flower 
  • +FREE birthday morning extra-early pressie delivery with balloon 
  • +FREE birthday morning phone call with Happy Birthday song. Maybe. 
  • +FREE weekday personal shopping opportunities
  • +FREE (extra) lollies with all gift vouchers
  • +FREE alterations facilitation
  • +Fuss FREE exchange and store-credit terms
  • +24/7 around the clock (virtual) sales support
  • +24/7 around the clock (virtual) styling/relationship/teen-child/pet/house painting advice 
  • +A 25% OFF CORONA CONCESSION automatically applied at checkout


...till we're not living with travel restrictions, compromised incomes, masks in public and less certainty about who's place we're spending Christmas at. [Pretty much all we’ve ever done, or been prepared to do, 'cept everything's 25% OFF]

The measures are temporary, targeted and proportionate to the challenges we face today. Our actions ensure we’re responding to the needs of you our customer, and together we will help Robe bounce back stronger without undermining the structural integrity of the business you’ve loved and supported for thirteen years.

 Buy less. Buy better. Shop Bendigo. Be Bendigo.


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