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Remember these? Your Nan, and Pa, Mum and Dad, Aunty, fav Uncle, and maybe even your teacher, wore them in the 90's. You probably shuffled about in an oversized worn down pair yourself, taking the rubbish out or feeding the dog. And we think they're cool! Want to know why? Well, they're kind of chic if you squint and they have stabby massage spikes. If you have a fat foot you can still wear them, plus omg they're cheap as f&*#. The whole point of Maseur sandals are to ease aching feet and muscles. We young folk are carrying an awful lot around with us each day - like the fact that it takes half a life time to afford a home and the impending doom of our planet - and we're tired. Our whole bodies ache, tbh. We need a Maseur bodysuit, but the feet are a good place to start. 

Maseur® helps promote healthy posture, balance and alignment. The unique contoured footbed provides support for arches, heels and toes and helps correctly position feet to relieve pressure on the knees, hips and backs. Features:

  • Flexible nodules are designed to massage, invigorating feet and body.
  • A contoured footbed to help correctly position feet and reduce stress on knees, hips and back.
  • Arch profiles assist in supporting the foot's natural shape and structure.
  • Soft straps align with the curvature of the foot for maximum comfort.


4 6 4 35-37
5 7 5 37-38
6 8 6 38-39
7 9 7 39-40
8 10 8 40-41
9 11 9 41-42
10 12 10 42-43
11 13 11 43-44


4 5 4 37-38
5 6 5 38-39
6 7 6 39-40
7 8 7 40-41
8 9 8 41-42
9 10 9 42-43
10 11 10 43-44
11 12 11 44-45

The shoe was first created in Sydney by Gabriel Eber with the idea to 'promote posture, balance and alignment' through footwear. He claimed that many 'aches, pains, circulation problems and general well-being' were linked to nerve endings in the feet so set out on a mission to create a shoe that would help. The Maseur Sandal design places your feet in the correct position to relieve pressure on knees, hips and back and the contoured footbed provides support for your entire foot.  


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