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This classic pull boot are crafted from exclusive Escuvado leather that has a speciel treatment which creates a natural vintage look to the surface of the leather. The Evy boot has a low shaft with no lining to create a relaxed and slouchy look.

Handmade in Portugal.

More Details:
Heel Height: 3 cm
Size: Fits true to size
Upper: Leather
Lining: Leather
Shaft Height center back: 16 cm

Escuvado leather: 'Escuvado' is a leather treatment and a tint. It is not a coloured leather. For this reason the natural markings of the hide will be visible on the boots. This is not a fault of the boot finish. 


Escuvado care: Noticed a white film on your escuvado leather? The white chalky dust on the surface is “fatty bloom” or “fatty spue (spew).” This white “bloom” is the result of fats, oils, or waxes used in the tanning process which have begun to migrate through the leather and crystallize on the surface. Changes in temperature or humidity will often make these oils and waxes move to the surface of the leather. After the boots have been in storage for a while you may notice this white haze when you unpack them again. Sometimes this white bloom is a result of the waxes and oils that you may have applied as a dressing on your boots or shoes too. Any oil tanned leather can potentially reveal this bloom. Your bags, belts, jackets or other leather goods could look white and hazy, too. Regardless of whether the bloom results from internal oils or external oils, the big thing to remember about fatty bloom is that it’s not harmful to the leather. It just really detracts from the leather’s appearance.



What to do- buffing the leather briskly with a soft but sturdy cloth, like an old towel, will make the bloom disappear. Gently heating the leather with a hair dryer or other low temperature heating device can also help the oils move back into the leather. Don’t use too much heat! It can wreck your leather. And remember, less is more when it comes to applying leather oils, balms, waxes and polishes. Wipe away excess dressings when you’re caring for your boots or you may be surprised by a white build-up along seams. It’s not harmful, just not particularly attractive.

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