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One of the most widely loved shades of blue both in history and around the world is navy blue. The shade of navy blue resonates with many different cultures and is often associated with navy, sailing, water and different sports associated with the ocean. Other navies and armies around the world adopted the hue since it was worn by British officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748.
The Royal Navy Blue Tie Bar embodies people who are deep thinkers, yet when they speak they share powerful thoughts. While normally blue is a calming color, navy blue is more associated with nightfall, survival and twilight. It represents time of coming in and out of difficulties into another facing unknowns ahead. Wearing this tie bar will help you feel empowered and more confident through the stormy seas of life.
This tie bar will cover roughly 3/4 width of our neckties. 

Length of Tie Bar: 4.5 cm

Colour: Navy Blue

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