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OTAA’s Belle Danser Floral Bow Tie will imbue your tailored looks with timeless elegance. Beautifully detailed with a floral pattern, the Delle Danser Floral Pre-tied Bowtie adds an artistic accent to sophisticated formal looks. The medley of yellow, pink, green, orange and blue hues sit atop a white canvas in an intricate floral design. The outlandish style of this Pre-tied bowtie is met with a high-quality presence through its handcrafted plush cotton features. Wear the Belle Danser Floral Bow Tie to bring an aspect of flamboyance to your evening wardrobe.

Bring a noble statement to your formal styles with the Gold Striped Pocket Square by OTAA. Elegantly decorated with white diagonal stripes, this handkerchief is finished with a rich gold hue to give an extravagant appeal. The fine satin cloth and incredulous hand-stitched tailoring means this Gold Striped Pocket Square brings a high-quality perspective to all your suit arrangements. Subtly textured, this handkerchief features vertical striped embellishments for an artisanal feature. Wear the Gold Striped Handkerchief to make an elegant statement at formal occasions; alternately wear it to the boardroom for an accomplished look. 

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