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The Dusty Emerald Green Linen Necktie is a shining example of polished style, marrying sophistication and elegance. The enticing shade of Dusty Emerald Green captures the delicate appeal of a hidden gem, which is what this tie is. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.

Beautifully finessed with Dusty Emerald Green linen, the finely textured fabric is crosshatched with linings of tufted plush linen thread that are woven in slightly varying thickness to accentuate the layered textures and depth of the necktie. The Dusty Emerald Green Linen Tie is poised to become a must-have staple in formal attire.

Sophisticated and flamboyant, OTAA's Rio de Janeiro Jungle Pocket Square makes an exotic statement. In 1502, Gaspar de Lemos arrived in Portugal and entered the Bay of Guanabara. He mistook the bay for the entrance of a river and he named it ‘Rio de Janeiro’. Following Gaspar’s arrival, Rio became the subject of colonisation by the Portuguese and French; in 1889 the city finally established independence. Inspired by the city's heritage, OTAA presents this handkerchief.


The Brothers at OTAA strive to constantly come up with unique designs, and this floral handkerchief offers a dazzling example. Vibrantly decorated with a medley of navy blue, pink, teal, purple, green and yellow hues, this Rio de Janeiro Jungle Pocket Square brings an ebullient accent to formal tailored looks. Crafted by hand and tailored from a luxurious cotton blend, the Rio de Janeiro Jungle Pocket Square demonstrates OTAA’s high-quality philosophy.


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